Want to see your child in Dream IIT / AIIMS?

But Don't think he is ready to compete with more than 12 lakh aspirants who will appear with him in JEE Main, Advanced and NEET

This concern could be because of average concepts, problem solving skills and exam performance

Trying hard to help but not getting substantial results even after giving personal tutors or tablet for animations?


In this PRE JEE and NEET course, we guide both parents and students to excel in Self Study which is the key to success in JEE / NEET Exams.

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Along with that you will also get access to Weekly live sessions.

So what are you waiting for? Stay ahead of peers with tried and tested self study strategies

Otherwise peers will move much ahead that it will be difficult to catch them!

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All online courses, strategy sheets and 30 day challenge

JEE and NEET Mentorship

Must have course to stay ahead of peers

Rohit Kakkar, India's No 1 JEE and NEET Mentor, IIT Kanpur Alumnus

Helping JEE and NEET Aspirants get into dream college 'Joyfully, Stress free and Successfully'

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